Strategic Energy

Paragon recognizes that aging infrastructure, rapid technology innovation, severe weather events, natural disasters, and cyber threats, among other potential hazards, pose risks to business and community energy supplies. We develop robust plans so that you can achieve an energy-assured, resilient future. 

We know that a reliable energy supply is crucial for your business and community to operate. Paragon is committed to developing strategic energy plans that achieve a reliable and resilient energy supply through integrating advanced-energy technologies that provide both flexibility and adaptability to risks and ensure your organization is prepared to respond to and rapidly recover from future energy disruptions. 

At Paragon, we foster partnerships that allow us to deliver collaborative solutions to complex, interdisciplinary problems. We partner with leading technical experts in the fields of strategic energy, sustainability planning, and resilience planning.

Our team of experts is prepared to collaboratively design and operationalize a customized strategic energy plan unique to your business or community. Engage with us below to discover how Paragon can enhance your energy resilience.