Working With NASA

Alice Reeves, Paragon's CEO and President, works closely with the auditing team for the NASA contract.


  • Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
  • Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards Airforce Base, California
  • Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Katherine Johnson IV and V Facility, Fairmount, West Virginia
  • White Sands Test Facility, White Sands, New Mexico

Paragon has provided Management System Registration Services to NASA Centers through the NASA Shared Services Center (SSC) since 2006 and maintains an ongoing contract. Paragon teamed with the recognized Aerospace Registrar, NQA, in 2005 to win the first NASA SSC contract and has worked with NQA on several management system projects since their incorporation in 1997 (including providing EMS training to NASA’s JSC in 2000 as a subcontractor to NQA). Paragon’s team was excited to work with NQA since their corporate culture aligned with Paragon’s core values—they place a high priority on qualified staff and integrity through all business relationships.

Paragon provides program and contract management for the NASA SSC and provides oversight of NQA, ensuring that they maintain the required credentials to certify NASA’s Management Systems. Paragon’s highly skilled staff of Management System auditors maintain the certifications required to audit NASA Centers and perform audits at the centers along with NQA’ s staff of auditors.


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