At Paragon we foster
the right partnerships.

We partner with leading technical experts to deliver project management, management consulting, strategic energy, resilience planning, and government services solutions.

From microgrids that improve energy resilience to management systems that improve business resilience, our team of experts are prepared to collaboratively design and deliver a customized solution unique to your project, business, or community.

Our team

Empowered Solutions require a strong team.

What our partners say

“TechFlow Inc., has been honored to support Paragon Solutions’ fulfillment of multiple V2X and Tactical MicroGrid projects. We share Paragon’s absolute dedication to our Country’s Warfighters and their ‘Client First’ commitment. Paragon’s team brings to the market a rare combination of stewardship and drive for excellence. It is our privilege to be part of their team today and tomorrow."

CLARK BORIACK, Senior Director of Engineering
Energy and Mobility Solutions, TechFlow Inc.
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