Paragon Reduces Carbon Footprint

Paragon is proud to share that we are reducing our carbon footprint by shifting 100% to digital inspections during the first quarter of 2021. Paragon’s contract at Fort Belvoir, VA relies upon numerous environmental compliance inspections including: annual stormwater BMP inspections, monthly aboveground storage tank inspections, and weekly satellite accumulation area inspections to name a few.

One driving factor in Paragon’s switch to paperless was its highly motivated employees: Hayden Dermanelian and Kathryn Weisbrodt. The two recent college graduates came in ready to work and learn. They brought attention to the paper inspection process while working with the customer and Paragon’s management to switch to digital inspections. The switch to digital inspections has saved over 600 sheets of paper during the past two and a half months. The digital inspections also make record keeping easier and more readily accessible. By uploading the completed inspections to a shared drive, all relevant parties have immediate access.

While new technology presents its own carbon footprint, it should be noted that every employee receives a company-issued computer for at-home work access. Hayden and Kathryn opted to receive the iPad Air tablets to double as their take home computers and in-the-field inspection forms. These tablets will be used for many years to come and will prevent the need for paper inspections while providing Paragon employees with reliable technology during remote work days.

“Going paperless was a great way for us to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our productivity” –Hayden Dermanelian

“When we saw the amount of paper we used on a daily basis, switching to digital inspections became a priority. I am grateful to work for an employer who supports its employees. Paragon provided us with the technology that made switching to digital inspections possible.” – Kathryn Weisbrodt